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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the White House


Attn. President J. Biden


To President V. Putin



To President Xi Jinping



To All

Peoples of the Earth

Germany, Luebeck, 15 December 2021

Open CORONA Letter for the End of the Year.

Please have the German-language letter translated truthfully and colloquially into all languages of the world and please pass the letter on to the aforementioned groups of people.

Dear Presidents, Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

As so often before, my person would like to send a message to the world population at the end of the year, so that every thinking person can understand why things are the way they are and so that every person can prepare for what is yet to come. Now an environmental disaster in concentrated form has recently hit the USA through a weather-related discharge, with many deaths.

In Germany, too, there was a catastrophe of the century this year, claiming many lives, and this year, in addition, many lives were claimed worldwide by the pandemic. But also the many refugees, especially those who lost their lives or their children while fleeing, must not go unmentioned this year.

What must also not go unmentioned is that our old earth itself already seems to be quite battered, with which global warming will certainly also be connected, and as a result not only the earth, but also through the environment, which is setting one sign after another and these signs are already YELLOW and CAUTION, an end of time has become clearly recognisable.

So no one as a responsibly thinking person in the world should wait until the signs of the times are on RED, which quite obviously will not be too much longer.

Not only these clear omens, but also the guidelines of the world's cultural heritage given and bequeathed to us humans, which also find agreement in written form through the Revelation of John, are also available to us humans preferably for a new beginning.

Especially every human being who is currently called into this responsibility as a ruler by the people should realise that these facts mentioned here will not be stopped or even regulated by humanity alone!

This  too is  a great and too tremendous matter and force, affecting not only humanity and the Earth; this is a matter that cannot be dealt with single-handedly by a single people or by people of one religious affiliation, because this matter will lead to beyond the horizon and further into infinity back to the Big Bang!

Only together and on strategically different ways connected with a world leadership, which was not elected by the people but predetermined by Creation and which can have its connection towards the horizon and further, whereby more people will share this connection involuntarily than my person can think of, which logically will usually be connected with every single abortion, it can become possible through a steering of humanity to provide for the return of the souls from the alien spheres.

Of course, a superordinate power and connection towards Creation is a basic prerequisite for success, which at the same time and together with my person will ensure order and justice on earth, as can happen in a fairy tale through an invisible Cudgel.

This fairy tale can come true for all people who are allowed to stay, but also for all those who have to leave!

Also, as is well known, a fairy tale can end badly, especially for those whom the devil will seize because obedience to the Authorities or, indirectly, to Creation on earth has been refused, and thus it affects every thinking person of all cultures and religions, because the sun shines for all people and, for example, not only for Christianity.

Now, however, we as humanity are not yet completely in the fairy tale, which can also turn into a nightmare, and so the devil will try to make as much loot as possible at the end of time, in case he cannot make the world his possession so easily, although he has already come very close to his goal!

This is reflected precisely in the daily news of the world, whereby individual rulers and political regimes distrust each other and soldiers are called into action or whereby, for the reasons mentioned, a lot of money is spent, for example, in India on arms imports and not for the beleaguered people, because the Indian feels threatened by China.

You, President Biden, as a Roman Catholic Christian, have already made an inaugural trip to the Vatican, possibly hoping for an answer to an unasked question that Pope Francis could not give you. At present, no one but my person can give you and others a reasonable answer, but whether my person is prepared to answer questions at this low level of the present is quite unlikely.

But one thing has become quite clear, since human has mismanaged the world and the atmosphere and so environmental disasters will increase and intensify, a person's place in the future has to be where a person belongs when a hurricane or tornado is foreshadowed, directly into the earth!

It makes little sense to get into a car and blow even more CO² into the atmosphere by fleeing, so that the next storm will rage even more strongly and claim even more lives in other countries, especially near the monsoon areas.

Quite apart from that, something quite different than "just" a tornado is coming back to mankind and even then the place in the earth could be the only and right place where mankind has to settle down!

In plain language it means, especially for an American, that each of the possible affected families will set up a safe underground shelter, supported by wooden posts, in the earth for emergencies, with a technical connection to the outside world and a safe air supply to the outside secured and guaranteed.

A possible additional flooding must of course be excluded or taken into account!

You, Mr. President Putin, would also like to consider my person in this open CORONA letter. You, Mr. Putin, fear for whatever reason that the American wanted to station itself militarily in Ukraine, so that it would be positioned directly against Russia in the event of an incident.

It is possible that your intelligence service was mistakenly "tipped off" deliberately something like this and so you reacted accordingly, but basically this has probably happened now so that some "muckraker of a ruler" can cover up his political problems by instigating a war with Russia and the USA and distract from and possibly profit from his own difficulties through a terrible war.

At the moment there is no American president who will have had such an ulterior motive by the entry of Ukraine into NATO but unfortunately there might indeed one day be an American president who as an actor might have already planted some bombs and then wants to turn his experiences into reality, always assuming that the world continues to turn and will continue to turn long enough!

Quite apart from that, all current borders of all states and communities of states worldwide will officially remain, but possibly you, Mr. President Putin will have to cede the Crimean peninsula again, which will all be legally verifiable. I would also like to ask you to take a closer look at your political friend from Belarus, who is quite obviously only your friend because he can pull out all the stops with you through his shrewdness.

Furthermore, my person does not want to ignore President Xi Jinping by this open letter, especially because the Chinese comes from a culture that is foreign to me and will also set different standards than, for example, a European due to a threatening overpopulation.

But the Chinese, too, must move under the one sun and take his place in his environment and in the situation of the world. This is how human rights come into play. Human rights may always be demanded by a person coming from any culture, even if he comes from a godless people who also violate human rights, as abortions are!

Unfortunately, involuntary organ removal and killings as well as other disregard for human dignity and human rights are or were also the order of the day in your country, although torture is also practised in Belarus or elsewhere, as is also the case in the Oriental prisons.

This must change everywhere in the world, but also especially as soon as possible by your communist regime, because the world has already been exploited for thousands of years and a line must be drawn in time, so that a worldwide restructuring can take place and only one powerful country will have to continue the industrialisation and supply of the importing countries, also in the higher sense the foreign spheres must be kept in operation in parallel!

My person would have long been on the way, if these "home-made misdeeds" were not the order of the day in all countries and now one epidemic after another will follow, if the valuable documents of the world cultural heritage of my person will not be followed!

Thus, my person would like to give everyone, including the political muckrakers of our end times, the chance for a change of direction, in that these and those will have to make a correspondingly high counter-performance, so that recognition, security and protection can also be guaranteed for the whole life of these persons.

Ursula Sabisch


HP: At the latest when the signs of the times will point to RED, a voluntary change of direction is out of the question and so my person additionally hopes for the activities of the announced Cudgel!

The World-Cultural-Heritage